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Date: Wed Jul 10 21:37:57 2013
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  - Elaborate benefits of PVHM and PVH in the Xen entry
  Submitted by:	theraven


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@@ -1512,6 +1512,22 @@ functionality through <tt>pkg(8)</tt>.</
 	will also set the ground for a future PVH port (when PVH support
 	is merged into Xen).</p>
+      <p>PVHVM allows a virtual machine that boots as a native guest to
+	be able to take full advantage of paravirtualized drivers,
+	giving a performance improvement in most I/O related tasks.  PVH
+	allows a guest to take advantage of hardware assistance for
+	memory management, but uses fully paravirtualized events and
+	boot procedure, which brings two significant advantages beyond
+	performance.  The first is that domain 0 does not have to run a
+	QEMU instance for emulated boot for PVH guests, which is a
+	common reason for hosting providers to charge more for Windows
+	and other HVM guests.  The second is that PVH domains can be
+	used as domain 0, without requiring different pmap (memory
+	management) code from the conventional kernel.  This will allow
+	us to ship a single kernel binary supporting bare metal
+	hardware, running as a Xen unprivileged guest, and eventually as
+	Xen domain 0.</p>
       <p>Further improvements on blkfront and netfront have also been

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