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 	two weeks, with no QA, and monthly sets that will undergo QA and
 	will be available for 12 months.</p>
-      <p>Stacy Son and Brooks Davis talkes about packages for less
+      <p>Stacy Son and Brooks Davis talked about packages for less
 	common architectures.  Stacy has worked to bring QEMU usermode
 	support to &os;.  This means that MIPS or ARM &os; binaries can
 	run on an x86 &os; system.  The kernel will detect the foreign
@@ -205,7 +205,7 @@ Report//EN"
 	Davis now permits building the entire base system and creating a
 	disk image without root privileges.  This makes embedded
 	development easier, as a number of users can now share an
-	expensive development box, capabily of performing builds
+	expensive development box, capably of performing builds
 	quickly, without having to give all of them root.</p>
       <p>This session also discussed the bmake import, which brings in
@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@ Report//EN"
 	should allow much more accurate dependency tracking and faster
 	parallel and incremental builds.  This should have some
 	additional benefits to the rest of the project, for example by
-	making our tinderbox infrastcture, which notifies developers if
+	making our tinderbox infrastructure, which notifies developers if
 	the have broken the build, able to report failures much more
@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ Report//EN"
 	virtualization options.  This working group discussed the
 	current status and future directions of several of them.</p>
-      <p>Xen is the de-facto standard for large-scale virtualisation and
+      <p>Xen is the de-facto standard for large-scale virtualization and
 	&os; has supported running as a guest for some time.
 	SpectraLogic has funded recent work on improving this, with two
 	overlapping goals.  The first is to allow &os; to run as the

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