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Author: pgj
Date: Sat Jul  6 23:15:13 2013
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  - Minor corrections for the Capsicum Q2 entry
  Submitted by:	pjd


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@@ -943,10 +943,10 @@
 	commits referenced above and the provided code aim to serve as
 	examples.  We would like to see more &os; tools to be sandboxed
 	— every tool that can parse data from untrusted sources,
-	for example.</p>
+	for example.  This requires deep understanding of how the tool
+	in question works, not necessarily only Capsicum.</p>
-      <p>This work is being sponsored by the &os; Foundation and
-	Google.</p>
+      <p>This work is being sponsored by the &os; Foundation.</p>

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