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Warren Block wblock at
Thu Jan 31 04:24:59 UTC 2013

On Wed, 30 Jan 2013, Benjamin Kaduk wrote:

>> +      <p>No matter what the application, you want your system's
>> +	resources performing at their full potential.  &os;'s focus
>> +	on performance, networking, and storage, combined with easy
>> +	system administration and excellent documentation to allow
> "easy system administration" feels like it lacks proper parallelism here; 
> "its ease of system administration" is probably better.

The "its" is not necessary.  And "combined" is wrong for "to allow".

Incidentally, I personally dislike the "you want" at the start of this 
paragraph.  Docs or people are free to advise me, but should not be 
telling me what I want.  Since I am not feeling smart enough to avoid 
this, what the heck:

<p>No matter what the application, an operating system should take 
advantage of every resource available.  &os;'s focus on performance, 
networking, and storage combines with ease of system administration and 
comprehensive documentation to realize the full potential of any 

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