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Tue Jan 29 16:17:11 UTC 2013

Warren Block <wblock at> wrote
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wb> On my local copy with GEN_INDEX=yes, I see that error.  I have not yet
wb> updated to get your changes, but thought they were to fix that
wb> problem.

 The culprit was the following change in cutting-edge/chapter.xml in
 your commit at r40787:

-      <primary>CVS</primary>
-      <secondary>anonymous</secondary>
+      <primary>Subversion</primary>

 The introduction/chapter.xml file had the following fragment:


 In short: a word "Subversion" is indexed as "see SVN" in
 introduction/chapter.xml.  However, another index definition of the
 word is in cutting-edge/chapter.xml at the same time.

 If we use <see> to index a word "X" somewhere, we are no longer able
 to define another index for "X" because they always conflict with
 each other.

-- Hiroki
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