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  ahc hardware is too old to be interesting.
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@@ -2489,29 +2489,6 @@ bindkey ^[[3~ delete-char # for xterm</p
-	<question id="aci0-illegal-cable">
-	  <para>When I boot my system, I get the error <errorname>ahc0:
-	    illegal cable configuration</errorname>.  My cabling is
-	    correct.  What is going on?</para>
-	</question>
-	<answer>
-	  <para>Your motherboard lacks the external logic to support
-	    automatic termination.  Switch your SCSI BIOS to specify the
-	    correct termination for your configuration rather than
-	    automatic termination.  The &man.ahc.4; driver cannot
-	    determine if the external logic for cable detection (and
-	    thus auto-termination) is available.  The driver simply
-	    assumes that this support must exist if the configuration
-	    contained in the serial EEPROM is set to <quote>automatic
-	    termination</quote>.  Without the external cable detection
-	    logic the driver will often configure termination
-	    incorrectly, which can compromise the reliability of the
-	    SCSI bus.</para>
-	</answer>
-      </qandaentry>
-      <qandaentry>
 	<question id="mail-loopback">
 	  <para>Why does <application>sendmail</application> give me an
 	    error reading <errorname>mail loops back to

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