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ea> +	  <para>However, if you are running low on disk space, there are
ea> +	    different options to reduce the size of /boot/kernel/.</para>

 /boot/kernel/ should be in <filename>.

ea> +	  <para>If you do not want the symbol files to be installed,
ea> +	    make sure you have the following line present in /etc/src.conf:
ea> +
ea> +	    <programlisting>WITHOUT_KERNEL_SYMBOLS=yes</programlisting>
ea> +
ea> +	    For more information see &man.src.conf.5</para>

 /etc/src.conf should be in <filename>.  <programlisting> should not
 be in <para>.

ea> +	  <para>If you want only the modules you use to be built
ea> +	    and installed, make sure you have a line like below in
ea> +	    /etc/make.conf:</para>

 /etc/make.conf should be in <filename>.

ea> +	  <para>To put any of these options into effect you will have
ea> +	    to <ulink url="&url.books.handbook;/kernelconfig-building.html">build and install</ulink>
ea> +	    your new kernel.</para>
ea> +
ea> +	  <para>Most kernels (/boot/kernel/kernel)
ea> +	    tend to be around 12 MB to 16 MB.</para>

 /boot/kernel/kernel should be in <filename>.

-- Hiroki
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