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Author: eadler
Date: Sun Jan 13 06:16:37 2013
New Revision: 40603

  Update and modernize the running-X question
  Approved by:	bcr (mentor)
  Patch reconstructed by hand


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/book.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/book.xml	Sun Jan 13 06:11:30 2013	(r40602)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/book.xml	Sun Jan 13 06:16:37 2013	(r40603)
@@ -5304,19 +5304,29 @@ options    SYSVMSG          # enable for
 	<question id="running-X">
-	  <para>I want to run X, how do I go about it?</para>
+	  <para>I want to run &xorg;, how do I go about it?</para>
-	  <para>If you would like to add X to an existing installation,
-	    you should use either the <filename
-	      role="package">x11/xorg</filename> meta-port, which will
-	    build and install all the necessary components, or install
-	    &xorg; from &os; packages:</para>
+	  <para>To install &xorg; do one of the following:</para>
+	  <para>Use the <filename role="package">x11/xorg</filename>
+	    meta-port, which builds and installs every &xorg;
+	    component.</para>
+	  <para>Use the <filename
+	      role="package">x11/xorg-minimal</filename>, which builds
+	    and installs only the neccasary &xorg; components.</para>
+	  <para>Install &xorg; from &os; packages:</para>
 	  <screen><userinput>&prompt.root; pkg_add -r xorg</userinput></screen>
-	  <para>After the installation of &xorg; was successful, follow
+	  <para>or on systems using <application>pkg</application>:</para>
+	  <screen><userinput>&prompt.root; pkg install xorg</userinput></screen>
+	  <para>After the installation of &xorg;, follow
 	    the instructions from the <ulink
 	      url="&url.books.handbook;/x-config.html">X11 Configuration</ulink> section of
 	    the &os; Handbook.</para>

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