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+	<name>10</name>
+	<event>
+	  <title>Ports CVS End of Life on February 28th 2013</title>
+	  <p>The development of &os; ports is done in Subversion
+	    nowadays.  By February 28th 2013, the &os; ports tree will
+	    no longer be exported to CVS.  Therefore ports tree updates
+	    via CVS, CVSup or csup(1) will no longer be available after
+	    that date.  All users who use CVS, CVSup or csup(1) to
+	    update the ports tree are encouraged to switch to
+	    portsnap(8) or for users which need more control over their
+	    ports collection checkout, use Subversion directly.  More
+	    information are available in the announcement mail on the <a
+	      href="&lists.ports-announce;/2012-September/000026.html">&os; ports announce mailing list</a>.</p>
+	  <p>A migration guide from CVSup or csup(1) to portsnap(8) is
+	    also available in <a
+	      href="&url.doc.base-en;/books/handbook/ports-using.html#cvsup-migration">the &os; Handbook</a>.</p>
+	</event>
+      </day>
+      <day>

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