svn commit: r41523 - head/share/xml

Glen Barber gjb at
Tue Apr 30 00:04:33 UTC 2013

Author: gjb
Date: Tue Apr 30 00:04:32 2013
New Revision: 41523

  Use correct HTML entity for trasz's last name.


Modified: head/share/xml/news.xml
--- head/share/xml/news.xml	Mon Apr 29 22:06:38 2013	(r41522)
+++ head/share/xml/news.xml	Tue Apr 30 00:04:32 2013	(r41523)
@@ -38,10 +38,10 @@
 	  <title>New &os; Foundation Technical Staff Member: Edward
-	    Tomasz Napierala</title>
+	    Tomasz Napierała</title>
 	  <p>The &os; Foundation is pleased to announce that
-	    Edward Tomasz Napierala has joined as its second member of
+	    Edward Tomasz Napierała has joined as its second member of
 	    technical staff.  This is a continuation of the
 	    Foundation's plan to invest in staff in 2013.</p>

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