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       particular project it is indicated as such.</blockquote>
     <blockquote>If you are aware of an omission or error on this page, please
-      let the maintainer, Tom Rhodes <<a href="mailto:trhodes at">trhodes at</a>>
-      know.</blockquote>
+      let the <a href="mailto:doc at">FreeBSD
+      documentation project mailing list</a> know.</blockquote>
@@ -88,8 +88,8 @@
           from the Internet, 24 hours a day. You don't need to wait for
           someone else to roll a release.</p>
-	<p><b>FreeBSD, NetBSD:</b> An installable snapshot of the current
-	  progress is made every 24 hours. These snapshots can be installed
+	<p><b>FreeBSD:</b> An installable snapshot of the current
+	  progress is made weekly. These snapshots can be installed
 	  exactly like an ordinary release, and do not require installation
 	  over an existing system.</p>
@@ -105,13 +105,6 @@
 	  released, simply because for most *BSD users it is an every day
-        <li><p>All the *BSD Projects use CVS to maintain their source code.</p>
-	<p><b>All the *BSD Projects:</b> make a CVS tree available for anyone to
-	  browse and download, 24 hours a day. The tree can be retrieved using
-	  Anonymous CVS, CVSup, CVSupit, CTM (by e-mail), or through simple
-	  FTP.</p></li>
         <li><p>Anyone can submit patches, bug reports, documentation, and
 	  other contributions. They can do this by using the <tt>send-pr</tt>
 	  program installed on their *BSD system, or by using a web based
@@ -185,8 +178,7 @@
 	<li><p><a href="">TinyBSD</a> is
 	  a set of tools made up of shell scripts designed to allow easy
-	  development of Embedded Systems based on FreeBSD 5.x and
-	  6.x.</p></li>
+	  development of Embedded Systems based on FreeBSD.</p></li>
 	<li><p><a href="">ThinBSD</a> is a small
 	  FreeBSD based boot image that allows a standard PC to act as
@@ -258,40 +250,8 @@
       outdated nor dying.  Many professional users like the stability that years
       of testing has provided FreeBSD.</p>
-    <p>Technological enhancements continue to be added to *BSD, including,
-      but not limited to;</p>
-    <ul>
-        <li><p>SMP: Symmetric Multi-Processing, making use of systems with
-	  multiple CPUs.</p></li>
-        <li><p>SoftUpdates: Makes the BSD filesystem at least as fast as the
-	  Linux filesystem, <strong>without</strong> needing to enable
-	  asynchronous writes, with their associated risk.</p></li>
-        <li><p>VM system: The VM (Virtual Memory) subsystem continues to be
-	  refined. The merged VM/cache design helps systems like
- juggle thousands (literally, more than 10,000)
-	  simultaneous FTP connections without falling over.</p></li>
-        <li><p>Architecture ports: FreeBSD supports seven main architectures
-	  currently: Alpha, AMD64, i386, Itanium, PC-98, PowerPC and UltraSPARC.
-	  There are also ongoing works to port the project for further
-	  architectures.  See the <a
-	  href="../platforms/index.html">Supported Platforms</a> page
-	  for more information.</p></li>
-	<li><p>MAC Framework: FreeBSD supports Mandatory Access Control, a feature
-	  usually found in trusted operating systems available for high
-	  prices.  FreeBSD gives you advanced security for free!  The
-	  <a href="">TrustedBSD Project</a>
-	  provides further trusted operating system extensions.</p></li>
-	<li><p>GEOM classess: GEOM is a modular disk framework that lets
-	  you concatenate, mirror, stripe, or encrypt disks.  It is rich
-	  in functionality and keeps your data safe.</p></li>
+    <p><a href="../features.html">Technological
+      enhancements</a> continue to be added to *BSD.</p>
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