svn commit: r41435 - head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs

Glen Barber gjb at
Mon Apr 15 18:01:27 UTC 2013

Author: gjb
Date: Mon Apr 15 18:01:26 2013
New Revision: 41435

  Update the administration page:
   - Add bdrewery as re/portmgr teams liason
   - Add re newcomers


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/administration.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/administration.xml	Mon Apr 15 17:49:50 2013	(r41434)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/administration.xml	Mon Apr 15 18:01:26 2013	(r41435)
@@ -129,7 +129,8 @@
     <li>&a.tabthorpe; <<a href="mailto:tabthorpe at">tabthorpe at</a>></li>
     <li>&a.marcus; <<a href="mailto:marcus at">marcus at</a>></li>
     <li>&a.bapt; <<a href="mailto:bapt at">bapt at</a>></li>
-    <li>&a.bdrewery; <<a href="mailto:bdrewery at">bdrewery at</a>></li>
+    <li>&a.bdrewery; <<a href="mailto:bdrewery at">bdrewery at</a>>
+      (Release Engineering Team Liason)</li>
     <li>&a.decke; <<a href="mailto:decke at">decke at</a>></li>
     <li>&a.erwin; <<a href="mailto:erwin at">erwin at</a>></li>
     <li>&a.itetcu; <<a href="mailto:itetcu at">itetcu at</a>></li>
@@ -150,12 +151,20 @@
     Engineering Team in greater detail.</p>
+    <li>&a.mva; <<a href="mailto:mva at">mva at</a>></li>
+    <li>&a.gjb; <<a href="mailto:gjb at">gjb at</a>></li>
     <li>&a.kib; <<a href="mailto:kib at">kib at</a>></li>
+    <li>&a.joel; <<a href="mailto:joel at">joel at</a>></li>
     <li>&a.blackend; <<a href="mailto:blackend at">blackend at</a>></li>
+    <li>&a.skreuzer; <<a href="mailto:skreuzer at">skreuzer at</a>></li>
+    <li>&a.delphij; <<a href="mailto:delphij at">delphij at</a>></li>
     <li>&a.jpaetzel; <<a href="mailto:jpaetzel at">jpaetzel at</a>></li>
+    <li>&a.rodrigc; <<a href="mailto:rodrigc at">rodrigc at</a>></li>
     <li>&a.hrs; <<a href="mailto:hrs at">hrs at</a>></li>
+    <li>&a.glebius; <<a href="mailto:glebius at">glebius at</a>></li>
     <li>&a.kensmith; <<a href="mailto:kensmith at">kensmith at</a>>
+    <li>&a.marius; <<a href="mailto:marius at">marius at</a>></li>
   <h3><a name="t-re-builder">Builders Release Engineering Team</a>

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