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Dru Lavigne dru at
Mon Apr 1 14:17:23 UTC 2013

Author: dru
Date: Mon Apr  1 14:17:22 2013
New Revision: 41335

  Fix some broken hyperlinks.
  Submitted by: ryusuke
  Approved by:  gjb (mentor)


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/desktop/chapter.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/desktop/chapter.xml	Mon Apr  1 10:47:00 2013	(r41334)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/desktop/chapter.xml	Mon Apr  1 14:17:22 2013	(r41335)
@@ -200,9 +200,9 @@
     <para>For information on how to configure a multimedia
-      environment, refer to <link linkend="multimedia"></link>.  For
+      environment, refer to <xref linkend="multimedia"/>.  For
       information on how to set up and use electronic mail, refer to
-      <link linkend="mail"></link>.</para>
+      <xref linkend="mail"/>.</para>
   <sect1 id="desktop-browsers">
@@ -222,7 +222,7 @@
     <para>The <application>KDE</application> and
       <application>GNOME</application> desktop environments include
-      their own HTML browser.  Refer to <link linkend="x11-wm"></link>
+      their own HTML browser.  Refer to <xref linkend="x11-wm"/>
       for more information on how to set up these complete
@@ -572,7 +572,7 @@
       <para>To install &java; plugin support, follow the instructions
-	in <link linkend="moz-java-plugin"></link>.</para>
+	in <xref linkend="moz-java-plugin"/>.</para>
       <para>Once &java; support is installed, start
 	<application>Chromium</application>, and enter

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