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Chris Rees utisoft at
Tue Sep 4 16:59:34 UTC 2012

On 4 September 2012 16:45, Eitan Adler <eadler at> wrote:
> On 4 September 2012 07:35, Chris Rees <utisoft at> wrote:
>> On 4 Sep 2012 02:49, "Eitan Adler" <eadler at> wrote:
>>> Author: eadler (src,ports committer)
>>> Date: Tue Sep  4 01:49:03 2012
>>> New Revision: 39495
>>> URL:
>>> Log:
>>>   Encourage the use of the PR system instead of a (bogus) mailing list for
>>>   sending bug reports.
>>>   Approved by:  gjb
>> It's not really a bogus list; I've picked PRs up from there before.
>> Doesn't this make it harder to send bug reports for the uninitiated, having
>> to learn Yet Another Web Form for reporting perhaps just one bug?
> There are three ways to submit a bug:
> - send-pr(1)
> - the web form
> - sending a mail to the *appropriate* mailing list.
> The third option usually results in someone asking the submitter to
> file PR in any case.
> -bugs is a high volume, low signal mailing list and isn't intended for
> users to report bugs.

I do think that it should be made clearer that a mailing list
continues to be an option-- often the behaviour reported is not a
bug-- perhaps something could be made of the fact that front-line
support is a mailing list?  It seems that the usual pattern is "Report
on mailing list --> someone suggests that it is a bug --> you should
file a PR".  Are we trying to move away from this?


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