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  Remove outdated information from the Emacs section of the developer's
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@@ -1674,29 +1674,7 @@ else if (pid == 0) {		/* child */
-      <para>Unfortunately, &unix; systems do not come with the kind of
-	everything-you-ever-wanted-and-lots-more-you-did-not-in-one-gigantic-package
-	integrated development environments that other systems
-	have.
-	<footnote>
-	  <para>Some powerful, free IDEs now exist, such as KDevelop
-	    in the Ports Collection.</para>
-	</footnote>
-	However, it is possible to set up your own environment.  It
-	may not be as pretty, and it may not be quite as integrated,
-	but you can set it up the way you want it.  And it is free.
-	And you have the source to it.</para>
-      <para>The key to it all is Emacs.  Now there are some people who
-	loathe it, but many who love it.  If you are one of the former,
-	I am afraid this section will hold little of interest to you.
-	Also, you will need a fair amount of memory to run it&mdash;I would
-	recommend 8MB in text mode and 16MB in X as the bare minimum
-	to get reasonable performance.</para>
-      <para>Emacs is basically a highly customizable
+      <para>Emacs is a highly customizable
 	editor&mdash;indeed, it has been customized to the point where
 	it is more like an operating system than an editor! Many
 	developers and sysadmins do in fact spend practically all
@@ -1748,14 +1726,9 @@ else if (pid == 0) {		/* child */
 	    you to look at the source code as you step through your
-	<listitem>
-	  <para>You can read Usenet news and mail while your program
-	    is compiling.</para>
-	</listitem>
-      <para>And doubtless many more that I have overlooked.</para>
+      <para>And doubtless many more that have been overlooked.</para>
       <para>Emacs can be installed on &os; using
 	the <filename role="package">editors/emacs</filename>

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