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  Document the new hats term limits policy.

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+<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional-Based Extension//EN" [
+<!ENTITY base CDATA "..">
+<!ENTITY date "$FreeBSD$">
+<!ENTITY title "Hats Term Limits Policy">
+  &header;
+  <h2>Rationale</h2>
+  <p>The FreeBSD Core team appoints several individuals
+    (&ldquot;hats&rdquot;) that perform critical roles within the
+    project.  It is important to reduce single points of failure in
+    these roles.  Additionally, turnover in hats can provide fresh
+    insight and help avoid burnout.</p>
+  <p>The current set of core-appointed hats is core secretary, head
+    release engineer, the security officer, and postmaster.</p>
+  <p>It is suggested that shortened terms longer than half of a core
+    term be considered a full term for purposes of eligibility.</p>
+  <p>This policy will begin with the start of the next core term, and
+    all hats will start off with zero terms at that time.</p>
+  <p>The FreeBSD Core team approved the following hats term limits
+    policy which was posted to the Developers mailing list on June 22,
+    2012.</p>
+  <h2>Policy</h2>
+  <p>An individual may serve as a core-appointed hat for at most two
+    consecutive terms.  Each hat's term begins three months after the
+    start of a core team's term and ends three months after the end of
+    a core team's term.  Hats are explicitly approved by the new core
+    team at the start of a hat's term.  An individual who serves as a
+    hat for two consecutive terms may serve again after a break of at
+    least one full term.</p>
+  <p>Core shall review all hats annually.</p>
+  <p>If a hat becomes vacant during a term, core shall appoint a
+    replacement for the remainder of the term.  It is at core's
+    discretion whether the shortened term will count for purposes of
+    limiting the terms of the replacement.</p>
+  <p>If a core team is dissolved prematurely, then the next term for
+    each hat will begin three months after the new core team's term
+    begins.  It is at the new core's discretion whether the shortened
+    term will count for purposes of limiting the terms of current
+    hats.</p>
+  <p>These limits apply to individual hats and not to teams.  For
+    teams with a single lead role, the limits shall apply to the lead
+    role.  An individual that is not eligible to serve as the lead of
+    a team may continue to serve as a member of the team.</p>
+  &footer;
+  </body>

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 <a href="i18n.html">Internationalization Policy</a>,
 <a href="data.html">User Data Policy</a>,
+<a href="hats.html">Hats Term Limits Policy</a>,
 and the
 <a href="../doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/pr-guidelines/">Problem Report Handling Guidelines</a>.</p>

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