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Author: issyl0
Date: Sun Jun 24 13:31:57 2012
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  Add more information about Portscout to the porter's handbook.
  Submitted by:	issyl0 (as part of Google Code-In 2011)
  Reviewed by:	gjb
  Approved by:	gabor (mentor)


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@@ -16214,19 +16214,40 @@ pre-install:
     <sect1 id="distfile-survey">
-      <title>The &os; Ports Distfile Scanner</title>
+      <title>Portscout: The &os; Ports Distfile Scanner</title>
       <para>The build cluster is dedicated to building the latest
 	release of each port with distfiles that have already been
 	fetched.  However, as the Internet continually changes,
-	distfiles can quickly go missing.  The <ulink
-	  url="">FreeBSD Ports distfile
-	scanner</ulink> attempts to query every download site for
-	every port to find out if each distfile is still currently
-	available.  Maintainers are asked to check this report
-	periodically, not only to speed up the building process for
-	users, but to help avoid wasting bandwidth of the sites that
-	volunteer to host all these distfiles.</para>
+	distfiles can quickly go missing.  <ulink
+	url="">Portscout</ulink>, the &os; Ports
+	distfile scanner, attempts to query every download site for
+	every port to find out if each distfile is still available.
+	<application>Portscout</application> can generate
+	<acronym>HTML</acronym> reports and send emails about newly
+	available ports to those who request them.  Unless not
+	otherwise subscribed, maintainers are asked to check
+	periodically for changes, either by hand or using the
+	<acronym>RSS</acronym> feed.</para>
+      <para><application>Portscout</application>'s first page gives
+	the email address of the port maintainer, the number of ports
+	the maintainer is responsible for, the number of those ports
+	with new distfiles, and the percentage of those ports that are
+	out-of-date.  The search function allows for searching by email
+	address for a specific maintainer, and for selecting whether
+	or not only out-of-date ports should be shown.</para>
+      <para>Upon clicking on a maintainer's email address,
+	a list of all of their ports is displayed, along with port
+	category, current version number, whether or not there is a new
+	version, when the port was last updated, and finally when it
+	was last checked.  A search function on this page allows the
+	user to search for a specific port.</para>
+      <para>Clicking on a port name in the list displays the 
+	<ulink url="">FreshPorts</ulink> port
+	information.</para>
     <sect1 id="portsmon">

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