svn commit: r39074 - head/share/sgml

Johann Kois jkois at
Thu Jun 21 08:26:21 UTC 2012

Author: jkois
Date: Thu Jun 21 08:26:21 2012
New Revision: 39074

  Partly undo r38999      The "Grazer BSD Stammtisch" is still alive.
  The server hosting and had a hardware problem
  which will be fixed soonish.
  While here, fix the link to the Facebook page of this usergroup.
  Discussed with: decke@


Modified: head/share/sgml/usergroups.xml
--- head/share/sgml/usergroups.xml	Thu Jun 21 04:09:46 2012	(r39073)
+++ head/share/sgml/usergroups.xml	Thu Jun 21 08:26:21 2012	(r39074)
@@ -101,6 +101,19 @@ The country codes are precise ISO3166 co
 <continent name="Europe">
   <country code="AT" name="Austria">
+    <entry id="bsdgraz"> 	 
+      <name>Grazer BSD Stammtisch</name> 	 
+      <url></url> 	 
+      <description>The "Grazer BSD Stammtisch" is a 	 
+        german-language oriented user group with members living in or 	 
+        near Graz/Austria.  We usually meet once per month to discuss 	 
+        BSD related topics.  For more information please visit our 	 
+        <a href="">website</a> or our <a 	 
+        href="">Facebook page</a>. 	 
+      </description> 	 
+    </entry>
     <entry id="bsdwien">
       <name>Wiener BSD Stammtisch</name>

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