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Author: gjb
Date: Tue Jun 19 12:22:48 2012
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  Update the introduction chapter to reflect the CVS->SVN conversion.
  Patched/submitted by:	ryusuke


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+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/introduction/chapter.sgml	Tue Jun 19 12:22:48 2012	(r39064)
@@ -785,17 +785,23 @@
 	      The switch was deemed necessary, as the technical limitations
 	      imposed by <application>CVS</application> were becoming obvious
 	      due to the rapid expansion of the source tree and the amount
-	      of history already stored.  While the main repository now uses
+	      of history already stored.  While the base repository now uses
 	      <application>SVN</application>, client side tools like
 	      <application>csup</application> that depend on the older
 	      <application>CVS</application> infrastructure, continue to
 	      work normally &mdash; changes in the
 	      <application>SVN</application> repository are backported to
-	      <application>CVS</application> for this purpose.
-	      Currently, only the central source tree is controlled by
-	      <application>SVN</application>.
-	      The documentation, World Wide Web, and Ports repositories are
-	      still using <application>CVS</application>.  The primary
+	      <application>CVS</application> for this purpose.</para>
+	    <para>In May 2012, the Documentation Project repository
+	      also moved from <application>CVS</application> to
+	      <application>SVN</application>.  Unlike the base system,
+	      the documentation <application>SVN</application>
+	      repository is not backported to
+	      <application>CVS</application>.</para>
+	    <para>The Ports repository is
+	      currently using <application>CVS</application>.  The primary
 	      resides on a machine in Santa Clara CA, USA

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