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 Network stack optimization for the FreeBSD 5.x and 6.x kernels, a follow-on
 to the SMPng network stack locking work for FreeBSD 5.3.  This project is
 exploring and implementing optimizations strategies for a multi-threaded
-network stack.<li>
+network stack.</li>
 <li><a name="kame" href="">KAME Project</a>: A free IPv6/IPsec stack for BSD.</li>
 <li><a name="SYSLOG-SECURE" href="">SYSLOG-SECURE</a>:
 In August 2001 a standard of syslog was made: RFC3164. This RFC
-describes some extensions to add security to syslog. The project
-started in 2002 is to adapt RFC3164 to FreeBSD version of syslog, and to add
-some security extensions. At least syslog-sign. Both libc and syslogd will
-be modified. And optional some tools to verify/manage the security will
+describes some extensions to add security to syslog. A project
+started in 2002 to adapt RFC3164 to the FreeBSD version of syslog and to add
+some security extensions, at least syslog-sign. Both libc and syslogd will
+be modified.  And optionally some tools to verify or manage the security
+would be made.
 All help is welcome. Send an email to albert at for info.</li>

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