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Isabell Long issyl0 at
Wed Jun 6 15:57:58 UTC 2012

Author: issyl0
Date: Wed Jun  6 15:57:57 2012
New Revision: 38999

  - Remove non-existent usergroups from the list on the page.
  - Change the web address for the Ottawa-Carleton Unix Users Group.
  Submitted by:	db
  Approved by:	gabor (mentor)


Modified: head/share/sgml/usergroups.xml
--- head/share/sgml/usergroups.xml	Wed Jun  6 13:15:17 2012	(r38998)
+++ head/share/sgml/usergroups.xml	Wed Jun  6 15:57:57 2012	(r38999)
@@ -101,19 +101,6 @@ The country codes are precise ISO3166 co
 <continent name="Europe">
   <country code="AT" name="Austria">
-    <entry id="bsdgraz">
-      <name>Grazer BSD Stammtisch</name>
-      <url></url>
-      <description>The "Grazer BSD Stammtisch" is a
-        german-language oriented user group with members living in or
-        near Graz/Austria.  We usually meet once per month to discuss
-        BSD related topics.  For more information please visit our
-	<a href="">website</a> or our <a
-        href="">Facebook page</a>.
-      </description>
-    </entry>
     <entry id="bsdwien">
       <name>Wiener BSD Stammtisch</name>
@@ -783,43 +770,6 @@ The country codes are precise ISO3166 co
-  <entry id="gubug">
-    <name>Greater Utah BSD Users Group (GUBUG)</name>
-    <url></url>
-    <description>The Greater Utah BSD Users Group (GUBUG), formerly
-      known as SLLUG-BUG, and affiliated with the Salt Lake Linux Users
-      Group, is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We welcome users of
-      FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD or even Unix or Linux.
-    </description>
-  </entry>
-  <entry id="freebsd-mke">
-    <name>FreeBSD-Milwaukee</name>
-    <url></url>
-    <description>FreeBSD-Milwaukee Wisconsin meets occasionally and
-      has a mailing list: <a href="mailto:freebsd-mke-l at">
-      freebsd-mke-l at</a> send e-mail to <a
-        href="mailto:freebsd-mke-l-request at">
-	freebsd-mke-l-request at</a> to subscribe.
-    </description>
-  </entry>
-  <entry id="uhacc">
-    <name>Unix Hobbyists' Administrators' &amp; Coders' Club</name>
-    <url></url>
-    <description>
-      U.H.A.C.C. is a fellowship of individuals united by a common
-      interest in UNIX&reg; or Linux systems and open technologies.  At
-      meetings you may find beginners and pros alike discussing system
-      setup, networking, configuration, free/open source software,
-      coding, tech culture, politics, upcoming events, games, or any
-      other topic under the sun that pertains to operating "that" kind
-      of system.  You can also find us applying what we learn each week
-      in the form of diverse and interesting tech and development
-      projects, all using UNIX&reg; or Linux platforms.
-    </description>
-  </entry>
   <entry id="su3g">
     <name>The Southern Utah Unix Users Group (SU3G)</name>
@@ -884,19 +834,6 @@ The country codes are precise ISO3166 co
-  <entry id="norcalfulua">
-    <name>Northern California Free Unix &amp; Linux Users Association</name>
-    <url></url>
-    <description>Northern California Free Unix &amp; Linux Users Association's
-      (NORCALFULUA) goal is to assist members with Unix-Like Operating Systems
-      and spreading their use around the Northern California Region.
-      For more information on how to assist in this endeavor please visit the
-      <a href="">Northern California Free Unix &amp;
-      Linux Users Association</a> website or contact us by
-      <a href="mailto:norcalfulua at">email</a>.
-    </description>
-  </entry>
   <country code="CA" name="Canada">
@@ -924,11 +861,11 @@ The country codes are precise ISO3166 co
   <entry id="ottawa">
     <name>Ottawa-Carleton Unix Users Group</name>
-    <url></url>
-    <description>The Ottawa Unix Users Group is a small group of
+    <url></url>
+    <description>We are a small group of
       hobbyists, users, authors, sysadmins, and hackers that meet monthly to
       discuss the latest topics in a very informal setting.  Check our
-      <a href="">mailing list</a>
+      <a href="">mailing list</a>
       for the latest information.
       Located in Ottawa, Ontario.

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