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  sentence and apply some other wording improvements to make the
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@@ -1435,7 +1435,7 @@ ifconfig_fxp0_alias7="inet n
     <para>System logging is an important aspect of system
       administration.  It is used both to detect hardware and software
-      issues and errors in the system, as well as playing a very
+      issues and errors in the system, it also plays a very
       important role in security auditing and incident response.
       System daemons without a controlling terminal also usually log
       information to a system logging facility or other log
@@ -1491,7 +1491,7 @@ ifconfig_fxp0_alias7="inet n
 	forward.  The configuration file contains one line per action,
 	and the syntax for each line is a selector field followed by
 	an action field.  The syntax of the selector field is
-	<replaceable>facility.level</replaceable> and this will match
+	<replaceable>facility.level</replaceable> which will match
 	log messages from <replaceable>facility</replaceable> at level
 	<replaceable>level</replaceable> or higher.  It is also
 	possible to add an optional comparison flag before the level
@@ -1541,21 +1541,21 @@ cron.*                                  
 	    <literal>err</literal> or higher, as well as
 	    <literal>auth.notice</literal> and
-	    <literal>mail.crit</literal>, and sends these log messages
+	    <literal>mail.crit</literal>, and send these log messages
 	    to the console (<filename>/dev/console</filename>).</para>
 	<callout arearefs="co-syslog-one-match">
 	  <para>Match all messages from the <literal>mail</literal>
 	    facility at level <literal>info</literal> or above, and
-	    logs the messages to
+	    log the messages to
 	<callout arearefs="co-syslog-comparison">
 	  <para>This line uses a comparison flag, <literal>=</literal>
 	    to only match messages at level <literal>debug</literal>,
-	    and logs them in
+	    and log them in
@@ -1600,7 +1600,7 @@ cron.*                                  
       <para>For more information about the different levels and
 	facilities, refer to &man.syslog.3; and &man.syslogd.8;.
 	For more information about <filename>syslog.conf</filename>,
-	its syntax and more advanced usage examples, see
+	its syntax, and more advanced usage examples, see
 	&man.syslog.conf.5; and <xref
@@ -1622,7 +1622,7 @@ cron.*                                  
 	program is used to periodically rotate and compress log files,
 	as well as optionally create missing log files and signal
 	programs when log files are moved.  The log files do not
-	necessarily have to come from syslog, &man.newsyslog.8; works
+	necessarily have to come from syslog; &man.newsyslog.8; works
 	with any logs written from any program.  It is important to
 	note that <command>newsyslog</command> is normally run from
 	&man.cron.8; and is not a system daemon.  In the default

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