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Author: bcr
Date: Fri Jun  1 19:14:30 2012
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  Update and sort the list according to the current members
  of the documentation engineering team.


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@@ -101,10 +101,10 @@
     Engineering Team in greater detail.</p>
-    <li>&a.nik; &lt;<a href="mailto:nik at">nik at</a>&gt;</li>
+    <li>&a.gjb; &lt;<a href="mailto:gjb at">gjb at</a>&gt;</li>
     <li>&a.blackend; &lt;<a href="mailto:blackend at">blackend at</a>&gt;</li>
+    <li>&a.gabor; &lt;<a href="mailto:gabor at">gabor at</a>&gt;</li>
     <li>&a.hrs; &lt;<a href="mailto:hrs at">hrs at</a>&gt;</li>
-    <li>&a.keramida; &lt;<a href="mailto:keramida at">keramida at</a>&gt;</li>
   <h3><a name="t-portmgr">FreeBSD Port Management Team</a>

Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/internal/doceng.sgml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/internal/doceng.sgml	Fri Jun  1 16:38:48 2012	(r38961)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/internal/doceng.sgml	Fri Jun  1 19:14:30 2012	(r38962)
@@ -54,10 +54,10 @@ future.</p>
 <h2>Current Membership</h2>
-The current members of this team are Nik Clayton, Marc
-Fonvieille, Hiroki Sato, and Giorgos Keramidas.  It is expected that the
-membership of this list will increase as additional members from the
-various translation teams are added.
+The current members of this team are Glen Barber, Marc
+Fonvieille, G&aacute;bor K&ouml;vesd&aacute;n, and Hiroki Sato.
+It is expected that the membership of this list will increase
+as additional members from the various translation teams are added.
 <h2>New Doc Committers</h2>

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