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Date: Tue Jul 31 08:38:27 2012
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  Update the virtualization chapter of the Handbook: there is no longer the
  named OSE version of VirtualBox.
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+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/virtualization/chapter.sgml	Tue Jul 31 08:38:27 2012	(r39283)
@@ -1114,8 +1114,7 @@ EndSection</programlisting>
       <application>VMware</application> (like
       <filename role="package">emulators/vmware3</filename>), which
       utilized the &linux; binary compatibility layer.  Shortly after
-      the release of &os;&nbsp;7.2, the Open Source Edition
-      (<acronym>OSE</acronym>) of Sun's
+      the release of &os;&nbsp;7.2, Sun's
       <application>&virtualbox;</application> appeared in the
       Ports&nbsp;Collection as a native &os; program.</para>
@@ -1123,14 +1122,13 @@ EndSection</programlisting>
       developed, complete virtualization package, that is available
       for most operating systems including &windows;, &macos;, &linux;
       and &os;.  It is equally capable at running &windows; or &unix;
-      like guests.  It comes in two flavors, an open source and a
-      proprietary edition.  From the user's point of view, perhaps the
-      most important limitation of the <acronym>OSE</acronym> is the
-      lack of USB support.  Other differences may be found in the
-      <quote>Editions</quote> page of the
-      <application>&virtualbox;</application> wiki, at
-      <ulink url=""></ulink>.
-      Currently, only the OSE is available for &os;.</para>
+      like guests.  It is released as open source software, but with
+      closed-source components available in a separate extension pack.  
+      These components include support for USB 2.0 devices, among others.
+      More information may be found on the <quote>Downloads</quote> page
+      of the <application>&virtualbox;</application> wiki, at
+      <ulink url=""></ulink>.
+      Currently, these extensions are not available for &os;.</para>
     <sect2 id="virtualization-virtualbox-install">
       <title>Installing &virtualbox;</title>

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