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  Modernize question about building your own kernel.
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-	  <para>Building a new kernel was originally pretty much a
-	    required step in a &os; installation, but more recent releases
-	    have benefited from the introduction of much friendlier
-	    kernel configuration methods.  It is very easy to configure
-	    the kernel's configuration by much more flexible
-	    <quote>hints</quote> which can be set at the loader
-	    prompt.</para>
-	  <para>It may still be worthwhile building a new kernel
-	    containing just the drivers that you need, just to save a
-	    bit of RAM, but it is no longer necessary for most
-	    systems.</para>
+	  <para>Usually not.  The supplied <literal>GENERIC</literal>
+	    kernel contains the drivers an ordinary computer will
+	    need.  For computers with very limited RAM, such as
+	    embedded systems, it may be worthwhile to build a
+	    smaller custom kernel containing just the required
+	    drivers.</para>

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