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  Describe remote GDB configuration in greater depth in the developer's handbook.
  PR:		docs/170013
  Submitted by:	Carl Delsey (carl.r.delsey (at)
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       debugging information).</para>
     <para>You should configure the kernel in question with <command>config
-	-g</command>, include <option>DDB</option> into the configuration, and
+	-g</command> if building the <quote>traditional</quote> way.  If
+      building the <quote>new</quote> way, make sure that
+      <literal>makeoptions DEBUG=-g</literal> is in the configuration.
+      In both cases, include <option>DDB</option> in the configuration, and
       compile it as usual.  This gives a large binary, due to the
       debugging information.  Copy this kernel to the target machine, strip
       the debugging symbols off with <command>strip -x</command>, and boot it
       using the <option>-d</option> boot option.  Connect the serial line
       of the target machine that has "flags 080" set on its sio device
-      to any serial line of the debugging host.
+      to any serial line of the debugging host.  See &man.sio.4; for
+      information on how to set the flags on an sio device.
       Now, on the debugging machine, go to the compile directory of the target
       kernel, and start <command>gdb</command>:</para>

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