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Date: Mon Dec 17 20:42:25 2012
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  pccard is gone so remove null-null
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@@ -2955,32 +2955,6 @@ kern.timecounter.hardware: TSC -> i82
-	<question id="null-null">
-	  <para>Why did my laptop fail to correctly probe PC
-	    cards?</para>
-	</question>
-	<answer>
-	  <para>This problem is common on laptops that boot more than
-	    one operating system.  Some non-BSD operating systems leave
-	    PC card hardware in an inconsistent state.  &man.pccardd.8;
-	    will detect the card as
-	    <errorname>"(null)""(null)"</errorname> instead of its
-	    actual model.</para>
-	  <para>You must remove all power from the PC card slot to fully
-	    reset the hardware.  Completely power off the laptop.  (Do
-	    not suspend it, do not let it go into standby; the power
-	    needs to be completely off.) Wait a few moments, and reboot.
-	    Your PC card should work now.</para>
-	  <para>Some laptop hardware lies when it claims to be off.  If
-	    the above does not work shut down, remove the battery, wait
-	    a moment, replace the battery, and reboot.</para>
-	</answer>
-      </qandaentry>
-      <qandaentry>
 	<question id="bootmanager-restore">
 	  <para>Another operating system destroyed my Boot Manager.  How
 	    do I get it back?</para>

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