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  Remove xfreed86-root as the answer and question are very outdated.
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@@ -6090,46 +6090,6 @@ ttyvb   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         
-	<question id="xfree86-root">
-	  <para>Before, I was able to run &xorg; as a regular user.
-	    Why does it now say that I must be
-	    <username>root</username>?</para>
-	</question>
-	<answer>
-	  <para>All X servers need to be run as
-	    <username>root</username> in order to get direct access to
-	    your video hardware.</para>
-	  <para>There are two ways to be able to use &xorg;
-	    as a regular user.  The first is to use
-	    <command>xdm</command> or another display manager (e.g.,
-	    <command>kdm</command>); the second is to use the
-	    <command>Xwrapper</command>.</para>
-	  <para><command>xdm</command> is a daemon that handles
-	    graphical logins.  It is usually started at boot time, and is
-	    responsible for authenticating users and starting their
-	    sessions; it is essentially the graphical counterpart of
-	    &man.getty.8; and &man.login.1;.  For more information on
-	    <command>xdm</command> see <ulink
-	      url="">the &xorg; documentation</ulink>,
-	    and the <link
-	      linkend="xdm-boot">the FAQ entry</link> on it.</para>
-	  <para><command>Xwrapper</command> is the X server wrapper; it
-	    is a small utility to enable one to manually run an X server
-	    while maintaining reasonable safety.  It performs some
-	    sanity checks on the command line arguments given, and if
-	    they pass, runs the appropriate X server.  If you do not
-	    want to run a display manager for whatever reason, this is
-	    for you.  If you have installed the complete Ports
-	    Collection, you can find the port in <filename
-	      role="package">x11/wrapper</filename>.</para>
-	</answer>
-      </qandaentry>
-      <qandaentry>
 	<question id="ps2-x">
 	  <para>Why does my PS/2 mouse misbehave under X?</para>

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