svn commit: r40303 - head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq

Eitan Adler eadler at
Fri Dec 7 13:01:13 UTC 2012

Author: eadler
Date: Fri Dec  7 13:01:12 2012
New Revision: 40303

  Clarify that "effective user id of 0" is an issue because it is SETUID.
  Also fix minor view-related style issue in the command. (translators
  should _not_ ignore)
  Noted by:	Daniel O'Connor
  Approved by:	bcr (mentor)


Modified: head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/book.xml
--- head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/book.xml	Fri Dec  7 13:01:09 2012	(r40302)
+++ head/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/book.xml	Fri Dec  7 13:01:12 2012	(r40303)
@@ -8181,8 +8181,8 @@ ATDT1234567</programlisting>
 	  <para>The <application>ppp</application> utility (or any other
 	    program for that matter) should never dump core.  Because
-	    &man.ppp.8; runs with an effective user ID of
-	    <literal>0</literal>, the operating system will not write
+	    &man.ppp.8; runs setuid (with an effective user ID of
+	    <literal>0</literal>), the operating system will not write
 	    core image of &man.ppp.8; to disk before terminating it.
 	    If, however &man.ppp.8; is actually terminating due to a
 	    segmentation violation or some other signal that normally
@@ -8191,7 +8191,7 @@ ATDT1234567</programlisting>
 	    section), then you should install the system sources and do
 	    the following:</para>
-	  <screen>&prompt.root;  <userinput><command>cd</command> <filename class="directory">/usr/src/usr.sbin/ppp</filename></userinput>
+	  <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput><command>cd</command> <filename class="directory">/usr/src/usr.sbin/ppp</filename></userinput>
 &prompt.root; <userinput><command>echo</command> <makevar>STRIP</makevar>= >> <filename>/etc/make.conf</filename></userinput>
 &prompt.root; <userinput><command>echo</command> <makevar>CFLAGS</makevar>+=<option>-g</option> >> <filename>/etc/make.conf</filename></userinput>
 &prompt.root; <userinput><command>make</command> <maketarget>install</maketarget> <maketarget>clean</maketarget></userinput></screen>

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