[Week 2] Porting Microsoft's CoreCLR, CoreFX, and PowerShell to FreeBSD

Mateus Rodrigues de Morais mateus at mateus.tech
Wed May 30 12:00:06 UTC 2018

Hello all,

During this second week of work, with help from the .NET community, I 
managed to get the CoreFX native components to build on FreeBSD, which 
brings the effort a step closer to a complete FreeBSD support.

Also, while in touch with the Microsoft people, we gathered a list of 
items that should be completed in order to make the product ready for 
production. This checklist will be helpful when I start polishing the 
rough edges to finally port the software to FreeBSD.

Right now, I'm still working on building a functional .NET runtime/SDK 
on FreeBSD. It involves many different components that are all available 
open-source -- including CoreCLR and CoreFX which are already building 
on the platform.


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