Status report: ng_ayiya - an AYIYA Netgraph node

Peter Pentchev roam at
Wed Jul 1 16:28:12 UTC 2015

Hi all,

The goal of this project is to create a Netgraph node that acts as a link
between a socket (TCP, UDP, SCTP, ...) connection to an AYIYA server
(for a start, the SixXS POPs) and a local network interface (for a start,
one that can route IPv6 traffic).


The major change in week 5 was that the Netgraph node now forwards all
the "unusual" packets received from the AYIYA server to a userland
application, and also signs and forwards any AYIYA packets received from
the application to the remote server.  This allows userland programs to
take care of all the non-IPv6-forwarding aspects of the AYIYA protocol,
such as:
- sending periodic "heartbeat" packets to the server to let it know that
  we are still alive even if there has been no forwarded traffic (nobody
  is really using the IPv6 tunnel)
- sending various queries to the server to figure out who we are talking
  to (operating system, software version, etc)
- replying to such queries received from the server
- handling a server's "message of the day" packet that, by
  specification, should be displayed to the operator who brought the
  tunnel up

I also added a sample configuration file describing a tunnel between two
IPv4 addresses in the RFC 1918 space, so it would be even easier to test
the Netgraph AYIYA node - the testing scaffold may be run on two hosts
in the local network to bring up a ng_ayiya node and an IPv6 interface
on each host.  In the documentation department, a ng_ayiya.4 manual page
is also present now and will be installed once the kernel module source
is turned into a FreeBSD port.

With these changes, and with the assorted minor bugfixes and cleanup
that also happened this week, I believe that the ng_ayiya node is
functionally complete and ready for testing and optimization.  Thus, in
the next week I'll try to teach the SixXS AICCU tool to bring up and use
the Netgraph node instead of a gif interface as it does now.


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