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Oliver Pinter oliver.pntr at
Mon Jul 21 12:24:54 UTC 2014

On 7/21/14, Dmitry Selyutin < at> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> here comes my report on progress during these two weeks. Pedro, David,
> excuse me for duplication, please: I should have just included you
> into this letter instead of sending you two letters. I've just
> realized that I've forgotten to write the report. :-(
> I've been intensively testing my normalization implementation and
> discovered that it was working incorrectly. Moreover, it's code seems
> to be completely cryptic, so I've rewritten it from the scratch. Now
> it seems to work correctly (at least it passes Unicode tests). The
> things that I've completely ignored are canonicalization and combining
> characters classes. I've decided to publish it in git repo and
> integrate it to head later, since it's a real pain to recompile the
> entire system every several hours after changes in source code
> (especially if changes are not large).

Dimitry, take a look at this build script:

It defines a DNO_CLEAN make property, so only those file will
rebuilded, which you modified. This speed up the build time.
> I've also thought about your message where you doubt about project
> structure. We'll have `uniext.h' header, which is included if
> UNICODE_ADDENDA macro is defined. This header defines the following
> functions: strcanon, strcanon_l, wcscanon, strnorm, strnorm_l,
> wcsnorm, wcclass. The last one was written as a helper function which
> is used inside wcscanon and wcsnorm, but I thought that it also may be
> useful as a standalone function.
> I've rewritten algorithms: now everithing is performed using binary
> search and hashes, so it's really fast (before the search was linear).
> Now it works really fast (e.g. for decomposition it works from 10 to
> 12 times faster than Python's decomposition algorithm). I've also
> tested it on the wide strings, and it works as expected (at least!).
> So this part seems to be finished. The last thing to do is to place
> everything in the right place into the FreeBSD source tree.
> Here is my testing repo: Just
> use `git clone'.
> P.S. You need to use gmake if you want to use my Makefile (I don't
> know BSD Makefile syntax well). However, all what you need is to add
> `-Iinclude' flag to CFLAGS, compile everithing in `src', compile
> `main.c' and link it all together.
> --
> With best regards,
> Dmitry Selyutin
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