[Machine readable output from userland utilities] report

Zaro Korchev zkorchev at mail.bg
Mon Jul 21 09:49:29 UTC 2014

Hi everybody

This week I worked on the packages

All of them now support libsol. The packages w and uptime actually share their source code.

The package finger has a long format that prints the contents of several files. I made the application not use libsol if this option is specified since it is not very useful to generate json/yaml/etc. which contains several files as string values. It would also be troublesome to implement.

Here is an example from
du -h /etc/

    "/etc/pam.d": "64K",
    "/etc/skel": "4.0K",
    "/etc/defaults": "60K",
    "/etc/pkg": "8.0K",
    "/etc/mail/certs": "16K",
    "/etc/mail": "400K",
    "/etc/gss": "12K",
    "/etc/zfs": "4.0K",
    "/etc/ppp": "8.0K",
    "/etc/ssh": "292K",
    "/etc/security": "48K",
    "/etc/mtree": "52K",
    "/etc/X11": "4.0K",
    "/etc/casper": "24K",
    "/etc/dma": "8.0K",
    "/etc/periodic/weekly": "28K",
    "/etc/periodic/daily": "112K",
    "/etc/periodic/monthly": "16K",
    "/etc/periodic/security": "64K",
    "/etc/periodic": "224K",
    "/etc/devd": "128K",
    "/etc/ssl": "16K",
    "/etc/bluetooth": "16K",
    "/etc/gnats": "8.0K",
    "/etc/rc.d": "696K",
    "/etc/": "2.7M"

Here is an example from

{"time":" 9:45AM","uptime":{"hours":2,"minutes":40},"users":3,"load":[0.27001953125,0.2919921875,0.2958984375]}

This week I am going to concentrate on revising what I have done so far and looking for problems. I am also going to think of ways I can improve libsol.


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