Progress Report 1

Justin Edward Muniz jmuniz at
Wed Jun 26 05:04:16 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

I have been working on the FreeBSD ports of PackageKit, Apper, and
More information about this project can be found at:

After deliberation, it made sense to me to wait until after the week
finished before reflecting
on it.

My efforts to present the community with valuable graphical user interfaces
for pkgng has started
with a lot of learning and skill building. I have been studying shell
scripting, make files, and port
development. My efforts have been concentrated in gaining an understanding
of the upgrading
process from old ports, as well as creating my PackageKit backend selection

During the bonding period I was able to start my Wiki page as well as my
The repository is very useful: as I populated it with both preexisting and
original content it helped
me come up with a new testing plan. In the root directory of my repository
I plan to create a Makefile
to install specific ports that I am working on to a jail or prefix. This
seems like the most convenient
way to test these programs.

My backend selection script, pk-setter, is coming along very well and is
almost finished. The
configuration option for selecting the default backend in PackageKit is the
same when dealing
with the latest code, or the version in ports; one pk-setter script works
with both versions.
I plan on making the code more robust and creating a graphical interface to
manipulate the
script, but only after the more important work is done.

My plan for next week is to finish my research on pkgng as well as a patch
to implement a pkgng
backend in PackageKit 0.6.11. I would like to implement my new testing plan
as well, so once the
patch is created people can test it out with ease. I hope that user
feedback will help create
better code.

Please look forward to updates to my code and Wiki pages.

Justin Edward Muniz

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