Weekly Status #5

Mario Oshogbo oshogbo at FreeBSD.org
Tue Jul 30 10:21:58 UTC 2013


In last week I finally finished the fts(3) functions. I also write some
tests to compare the old version of fts(3) and my fts(3). I didn't check
all of flags and conditions of the fts(3). I just compare output of
popular programs (grep, find, ls and wc) with many different flags. They
seams to work the same. I conducted conducted tests. In this or next
week I will write some document describing those test and analysis of
the results. I think this will be very good argument to start discussion
on freebsd lists. If you interested on my change you are able to see it
on my perforce branch (//depot/user/oshogbo/capsicum/...).

Now I'm able to beck to closing bsdgrep(2) in capability sandbox.


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