GSoC Status: Week 6 and Half-Term Summary

Matthew Windsor mbw500 at
Sun Jul 28 23:00:38 UTC 2013

I've just realised that I got the weeks totally mixed up - this is week 6,
so the next one is week 7.

In which case, the plan idea should be more along the lines of:

(Week: Goal)
7: Quickfixes on week 6 implementation
8: Remove query-based jobs; improve events system to provide correct errors
on job failure; more in-depth checking for any issues remaining from the
jobs change.
9: GetDepends, SearchDetails and GetRequires; at this stage with the
exception of Cancel the backend should be at feature parity with ports.
In-depth attempts to fix the install crash bug. Try implementing Cancel,
RepoEnable (text file hackery probably), and WhatProvides; this can roll
over into other weeks if needs be.
10: Tests for each idempotent action.
11: Tests, where possible, for non-idempotent actions, jail/VM if possible.
12: Create a port and upload to ports tree.  Also, final call for updating
PackageKit: if possible, updating; if not, contingency and cleanup.Between
soft and hard deadline: Contingency

Apologies for the double status email!
~ Matt

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