Weekly status report #4

Mario Oshogbo oshogbo at FreeBSD.org
Tue Jul 23 15:35:45 UTC 2013


In last week I start preparing the bsdgrep(1) to close it in a
capability sandbox. After reading the code I spotted problem with fts(3)
functions which are used in bsdgrep(1). The problem with those functions
is that they change current working directory. Such behavior is
forbidden in capsicum sandbox.
My Mentor decided that is great opportunity to make fts(3) functions
more sandbox friendly. It is also very important for capsicum project
because this will allow us to port many popular programs such as ls,
grep, find etc.
The main idea of this task is to define current working directory by
local file descriptor.

I still don't receive answer from the freebsd-net community about my
last week questions. So I didn't move forward with my previous task
which is implement two new capability rights CAP_SEND_RIGHTS and


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