Report #4: Unattended encrypted kernel crash dumps

Konrad Witaszczyk def at
Mon Jul 15 14:15:34 UTC 2013

Things that I've finished recently:
* Import XTS implementation from pefs - create crypto/xts.h.
* Change the kerneldumpheader structure to store data required to 
decrypt data.
* Change the dumperinfo structure to encrypt data in the dump_write 
* Add a kernel option to compile kernel with encrypted crash dumps on 
* Display encryption details in savecore.
* Encrypt a crash dump with a constant AES key and make it suitable for 

I modified dump_write to save data in a dumperinfo buffer so when the 
buffer is full I can encrypt data and call a dumper function to write 
them to a dump device. The buffer should have the same size as a block. 
There is one limitation at the moment: dump_write should receive data in 
a natural order, one after another. Otherwise it will save data in a 
wrong order.

The plan for the next week is to do at least the following things:
* Change savecore to save a key and a tweak in a separate file.
* Create a script to decrypt a crash dump.

Konrad Witaszczyk

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