Progress Report 3

Justin Edward Muniz justin.muniz at
Wed Jul 10 03:54:05 UTC 2013

This report is for the project to develop graphical front ends to aid
in simple to complex package management. The time covered in this
report started July the Second and ended the Eighth. More information
can be found at;
please let me know if you have questions that are not answered there.

The beginning of the week was dedicated to my ruby back end helper
script, which is still a work in progress. I then completely turned
my focus on organizing my work and ideas.

I submitted the FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report, it can be viewed at I
updated the Wiki page.

I worked on documenting the repository hierarchy, as well as my
procedure for quickly testing the work. I explored the PackageKit
front ends and documented their current issues. I am also exploring
the features that could be implemented to determine the feature set
to implement on the front ends.The culmination of this documentation
work will be available in the README, TESTING, and TODO files in the
root directory of my repository presently.

I also started drawing the front end interfaces with the
enhancements. With this project, a rigid feature list and interface
design should be in place early on.

To run the front ends I started with a clean installation of PC-BSD.
To prepare for Qt development, I installed Qt Creator. I am still
looking into Glade for my GTK+ work.

Justin Edward Muniz

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