IDMS: Weekly status report #3 of 14

Ambarisha B b.ambarisha at
Mon Jul 8 22:37:41 UTC 2013


Last week I continued work on the DMS server. Progress:

- Successfully tested the basic server
- Worker is now isolated from client
- The client notifies the server of the signals it receives
- The worker takes the fd of local file passed by the client to the
- Currently, working on modifying libfetch to accept a connection

Also, most of the things needed for status updates are also in place now.

This week I'll be working on :

- Finishing the libfetch things, so that sandboxing can be done (Right now,
the socket being created in libfetch is preventing the worker from being
- Finishing the status updates (part of dms improved)
- Testing the setup a little more


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