Collective resource limits status report #3

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Fri Jun 18 19:40:14 UTC 2010


since the last report, I made my code compilable, although it doesn't 
completely work yet. Now I'm working on finding what is going wrong. 
While I spent time with buildworld/buildkernel compilations, I wrote 
manual pages for the syscalls implemented and also extended the test 
utility a bit. For next week, my goal is to make these totally work and 
start to work on actual resource limits. First step to accomplish this 
is adding containers for resource usage accounting. Edward's hrl code 
will be a big help for this and I'll consider his work-in-progress 
project when doing this task, trying to come up with a more general 
solution that is also useful for his work and later improvements on 
resource limits.

Bad news is that I've had some problems with Perforce. I used it many 
many times, I know how it works but seems that recent client utility is 
either buggy or developers broke compatibility and I experienced a very 
different behaviour this time. I just sent a mail to developers@ about 
this, this is something that we should look at. This made the history in 
my p4 repo a total mess but supposedly code is there so you can check 
out. For easier review, I'm also providing a patch for head with all the 
code I wrote. I know this is not much but it took time to get into the 
kernel internals and it also took time to compile the code and 
eliminating compile errors one-by-one. Hopefully, as I'm getting into 
it, I'll progress more and more quickly. The patch is here:


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