[Status update] sysctlreg project

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Tue Jun 15 07:43:01 UTC 2010

Quoting John Baldwin <jhb at freebsd.org> (from Mon, 14 Jun 2010 16:36:02 -0400):

> Hmmm, is this spoofing a desired feature?  If so, perhaps it should  
> be done in
> userland via environment options that affect the feature_present(3) API in
> libc?  (In that case you would write a little feature_present(1) util that
> uses the userland API and use this instead of direct sysctls in ports, etc.)

Kris listed spoofing (no mention if only "spoof-off" or also  
"spoof-on", but for "spoof-on" when the feature is not present in the  
kernel we can only come up with scenarios where it will hurt) as  
desired for the ports collection.

Regarding an userland utility:
1) To be able to spoof-off a feature in a jail (from the host, not  
inside the jail) without the possibility that the jail-root is able to  
turn it on again, a feature_present(1)+env will not help much, you  
need to do this in the kernel.
2) With 1) in mind, why another tool for the ports to query the  
status, sysctl is enough.


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