[extfs] status report 3

gnehzuil gnehzuil at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 09:32:29 UTC 2010


 * I have finished to benchmark the gpl's ext2fs (FreeBSD 8.0's 
implementation). Please review it in ' 

 * I have initialized a new branch to update ext2fs to read ext4 file 
system in read-only mode. Now ext4 file system
    can be mount and umount. However, it need to be changed to support 
ext4's features, such as flex_bg and extents.

Plan for next week:

 * Go on running benchmarks in ffs w/o soft updates.

 * Update data structures in ext2fs to support ext4 file system.

I think my schedule can be changed as follow:

 * Modify data structures to support ext4 file system

 * Implement FLEX_BG feature

 * Implement EXTENTS feature


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