J.R. Oldroyd fbsd at
Fri May 16 16:03:43 UTC 2014

sysutils/xfce4-wavelan-plugin no longer works.

Looking at the code, there are various problems.  It looks for a sysctl
oid that doesn't exist, it returns the interface rssi value instead of
properly calculating the signal quality, it uses that incorrect rssi
value also as the signal percentage, but worse... all the FreeBSD code
is compiled out anyway due to tests for FreeBSD_version being done before
sys/param.h is included!!

I've posted two patches (URLs below) that fix these problems and make it
work again.  I also fix the percentage values at which the color changes,
I use 25%, 50% and 75% instead of the strange values 40%, 55% and 70% that
are there now.

I've named these files extra-patch-foo for now, but they should be renamed
to patch-foo and merged in with the existing patches already there.

The code in wi_bsd.c is a mess!  There is no need to be using the kernel
values __FreeBSD_kernel__ or __FreeBSD_kernel_version here or even
__FreeBSD_kernel_kernel__ (yes, really)!  I didn't clean that stuff up
with this patch, but if desired, I can do so.  Maybe there's a reason
it's like this?

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