XENHVM and XenServer 6.2

Karl Pielorz kpielorz_lst at tdx.co.uk
Sun Aug 11 09:30:34 UTC 2013

--On 10 August 2013 19:01:38 +0400 Alexey Degtyarev 
<alexey at renatasystems.org> wrote:

> Try to remove DVD device from problem virtual machine:
># xe vm-list params=uuid name-label=<your-vm-name>
># xe vbd-list empty=true params=uuid vm-uuid=<your-vm-UUID>
># xe vbd-destroy uuid=<vbd-UUID>

Presumably / obviously removing the DVD will stop you booting a .ISO image? 
- I just built a 9.1-Beta2 release .ISO image w/XENHVM kernel - and ran 
into the same issue booting that .ISO :(

Can you boot a GENERIC .ISO, use that to do the install, then switch to 
XENHVM kernel (i.e. once installed and you don't need to boot off of ISO)? 
[first time with XEN]


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