[CFT][PATCH] Netfront fixes for FreeBSD-head

Janne Snabb snabb at epipe.com
Thu Sep 15 04:43:21 UTC 2011

On Mon, 12 Sep 2011, Justin T. Gibbs wrote:

> I'm planning to ask RE for permission to merge the following netfront
> fixes (listed below) into 9.0/head.

Excellent! I was already assuming that 9.0 is going to be as broken
with Xen as 8.2.

> Before I do so, I'd appreciate some
> community testing on the proposed patch set (attached).  The main areas
> of concern are:
>     o Compatibility with configurations enabling ioemu on an interface.

Unfortunately I do not have the previous Xen setup available any
more. I had it temporarily for evaluating virtualized FreeBSD and
that evaluation ended with a conclusion that something else is a
better solution in that particular case.

However, after reading your patch, the MAC/ioemu/"do something
smart" part of the patch looks good to me. Please go ahead. The
other parts look sensible as well but I am not familiar enough with
the code to really say so.

Janne Snabb / EPIPE Communications
snabb at epipe.com - http://epipe.com/

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