DRM Report 2020-08-31

Emmanuel Vadot manu at bidouilliste.com
Sun Sep 6 14:02:49 UTC 2020

 Hello all,

 Time for a report on DRM progress.

 I've updated the drm-devel-ports to be in sync (minus a few patches)
to Linux v5.4.62, the latest LTS release.
 The Linux default for PSR (Panel Self Refresh) and Power Well was
modified for FreeBSD, meaning that PSR is always off and power well is
always on. Both defaults don't work well on FreeBSD, the PSR issue is
the biggest one as when activated on certain hardware the console only
refresh every 30 seconds or so and since I don't have the hardware to
reproduce the issue it's better to just switch it off for now. The
power well issue manifest when using an hdmi monitor, this cause a
large numbers of message to be printed on the console and also on
certain hardware hdmi audio won't come back after display is put to
sleep. Both issues are likely due to some missing pieces in the
LinuxKPI framework but I'm unsure which for now.
 I think that it's almost time to have drm-devel-kmod content put in
drm-current-kmod, I plan to open a review during next week.

 I'm still working on making live usb image that will automate a lot of
test and generate a report that users can paste directly on a wiki page
but in the mean time I've generated two images for users to test the
current state of affairs of drm drivers on their hardware without
needing to install freebsd current + packages etc ...

 This first one is just FreeBSD current + ports head.
 The only customization on the ports are the VAAPI and VDPAU option to

 The second one contains modification to the base tree and the
drm-devel-ports to have the backlight subsystem built
(https://reviews.freebsd.org/D26250 and child revisions).
 The TLDR on backlight is that you don't need acpi_video or
intel-backlight to control your screen backlight anymore, simply use
backlight(8). This should work on all Intel or AMD laptops while other
ways (acpi_video or intel-backlight) don't always works. I intend to
commit this next week.
 The -devel image also have hw.amdgpu.exp_hw_support set to 1 so users
of Renoir GPU might have a chance that it works.
 It also have mesa 20.2-rc4 which is needed for AMD Navi and Renoir.

 Both images autoload i915kms and amdgpu at startup, this cause
problems on Intel machine with an AMD discret gpu and I will look into
this during next week (only found out this weekend when testing on one
of my laptop that have such a configuration).

 They also contains two short video files (ten seconds of Big Buck
Bunny in 2016p and native resolution) that could be used to test that
gpu decoding is working (both mpv and vlc are included in this image).

 The root user don't have a password and there is a 'freebsd' user
without password too.
 For Xorg users only twm is included, for Wayland users sway is
included. Both X and Wayland work out of the box by either typing
'startx' or 'sway' at the console.

 Both glxinfo/glxgears and vkcube-xlib

 There is NO NVidia drivers, we don't have nouveau ported and the
NVidia drivers have their own DRM implementation so I'm not interested
in it.

 As a reminder :

 The i915kms driver support up to Ice Lake/Gen 11 (maybe Tiger Lake but
I don't think that hardware is out yet).
 The amdgpu driver supports every GCN-based architectures, from
Southern Island (Radeon HD 7000) to Navi (RX 5000). And Renoir is
experimental in 5.4 so it need hw.amdgpu.exp_hw_support to be set to 1
at loader prompt or in loader.conf.
 The radeonkms supports older (<2012, up to Northern Island/HD 5000)

 Links for the images :

 They are both ~500MB compressed and 3GB uncompressed (with ~400MB free
on the disk if you want to install more packages).
 I'll post the receipe for building them next week after a cleanup.

 glxinfo and glxgears are present to test gpu acceleration and
vkcube-xlib/vkcube-wayland to test Vulkan.

 What I'm most interested in the result of testing this image is kernel
panic at boot or unsupported hardware (relevant hardware so >= 2012).
In that case a issue at https://github.com/freebsd/drm-kmod/ would be
the best thing to do.

 I'm also interested in AMD users telling me if they use the
mesa-dri option VDPAU, I can't make it work with my system (but mpv
-vo=gpu works perfectly).

Emmanuel Vadot <manu at bidouilliste.com>

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