Script to help find xorg configuration issues

Michael Gmelin freebsd at
Sat Feb 22 14:36:42 UTC 2020


I've been helping others configuring X11 with UDEV/evdev for quite some
time now. Since UDEV recently became the default option on 12.1[0], I
thought that having something automated (yet non-intrusive) to
help users fix their setup might be useful.

To achieve this, I created a small/hacky script today that checks all
the usual problems I found while helping people figuring out what's
wrong with their setup.

You can find it on github:

Direct download link:

Usage: ./ [-hdpi]
   -h print this help
   -d skip drm checks
   -p skip package version checks
   -i only show errors (suppress info)

You should be able to run it as an unprivileged user - fixing things
will require root privileges though.

I didn't test it thoroughly, so feel free to open pull requests
on github - functional improvements only please, don't try to improve
the code quality.



Michael Gmelin

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