couple of nvidia-driver issues

Andriy Gapon avg at
Fri Nov 24 09:32:02 UTC 2017

I have reported a couple of nvidia-driver issues in the FreeBSD section of the
nVidia developer forum, but no replies so far.

Well, the first issue is not with the driver, but with a utility that comes with
it, nvidia-smi:
I wonder if I am the only one affected or if I see the problem because I am on
head or something else.
I am pretty sure that the problem is caused by a programming bug related to

The second issue is with the FreeBSD support for the kernel driver:
I would like to get some feedback on my analysis.
I am testing this patch right now:

Also, what's the best place or who are the best people with whom to discuss such
Thank you!

Andriy Gapon

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