AMDGPU Kabini [Radeon HD 8400 / R3 Series] on FreeBSD

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Fri Nov 17 11:16:09 UTC 2017

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> Thanks, but what exactly should I do?

     First, please stop top-posting.  It's rather rude.
> 1. Which bootloader do you mean? I know about /etc/default/grub Kernel 
> CMDLINE in Linux, but here in FreeBSD I have rfEEINd, where do I find 

     Did you mean rEFInd perhaps?

> the options or how to Google for the documentation?

     The handbook and man pages for FreeBSD are available on-line.  TrueOS
has its own handbook, also available on-line, that provides additional,
TrueOS-specific information.

> 2. what do you mean under playing with loading modules? how is the 

     Like the man wrote, you could try radeonkms instead of amdgpu.  In
his posting, IIRC, he recommended a sysctl variable be set to a certain
value.  You may wish to read that part again.

> needed kernel module called? should I restart Xorg after loading radeon 
> module?

     If the device has not first been detected and recognized by a driver
in the kernel, how could xorg be aware of it?  The driver obviously has to
be loaded first, preferably at boot time.  The same, I presume, would be
true for a LINUX system, too.

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